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Inspection Testing Facilities

Calibrated Equipments

Sl. No Item Type
01. 4 m Length Steel Straight Edge
02. Vernier Caliper
Linear Measurement
03. Feeler Gauge
Gap between mating Parts
04. Weld Gauge
Fillet Size, Leg length & Throat thickness
05. Coat Meter
Paint DFT
06. Standard Measuring Tape ( 30 m, 15 m, 5 m & 3 m )
Linear Measurement
07. Ammeter & Voltmeter
Current & Voltage Flow
08. NDT Facilities
Magnetic particle test machine & Liquid Penetrant Kit

Quality Control Procedure for Manufacturing

  • Raw Material Inspection 
  • Raw Material Gradation 
  • Design Approval
  • Material Distribution  
  • In Process Inspection 
  • Final Dimension Inspection 
  • Non Destructive Testing 
  • Surface Cleaning Inspection
  •  Painting Inspection

Quality Documents

  • QAP 
  • Raw Material Inspection Sheet 
  • Job Distribution Sheet 
  • Drawing Discrepancy Report Sheet 
  • Quality Control Check Sheet 
  • Material Traceability Sheet 
  • Job Card
  •  In Process Inspection Check List
  •  Internal Inspection Report 
  • Non Destructive Testing Report  
  • Painting Inspection Report 
  • Job Evaluation Report
  •  Dispatch Packing List 
  • Dispatch List – Project Wise
  •  Dispatch Date and Record Sheet

NOTE – Kindly suggest your expert views on how to improve our quality and serve you better.


  • Use of safety gloves
  •  Use of safety Cap 
  • Use of safety shoes 
  • ESI for every employee
  •  Fire drill executed every month 
  • Fire extinguisher installed in every hazardous zone 
  • Safety drill and safety education done on regular basis
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